De-Making a Playable 'Legend of Zelda'


Thu, Apr 3rd, 2014 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

Ben Purdy has created this De-Made Zelda as part of the Mini-Ludem Dare 50. On his blog, he explains the process of de-making the game.

I've been following the craziness of Ludem Dare for a while, and kept hoping some of my free time would line up with one. Well, it just so happened that last weekend there was a 48 hour mini-jam that coincided with a relatively calm weekend. I decided to jump in and see about cranking out a game. Due to some amazing weather I ended up spending about half the weekend outside doing yard work, and worked on this game when I needed a break from the weeds.

The theme of the jam was "de-makes" which meant all the participants were invited to re-make a game of their choosing in a low-fidelity, low-tech or otherwise deconstructed format. After kicking the idea around in my head for a while, I decided to de-make the original Legend of Zelda. My de-make would be to rebuild the game, but with a viewport of just 16 x 16 pixels. No interpolation, no cheating, just 16 x 16 blocks of one color each.

To figure out if this crazy idea even made sense, I did some tests in photoshop to make sure the various pages of the world map would fit into the 16 x 16 limit. Fortunately the Zelda map screens are all a tile grid of 16 x 10 tiles. This fits nicely into my limit with a few pixels to spare for the status area at the top. The final content actually fits into a 16 x 14 pixel rectangle, so I beat my limit by 32 pixels!



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