Code Mode Light: Let People Know When You're in Your Coding Zone


Wed, Apr 23rd, 2014 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

Built by Palette Industries and hand-lettered by Jessica Hische, the Code Mode Light is a limited edition light that warns others when you are in your coding zone.

Jessica Hische has spent a lot of time learning web design and development over the past few years — and a lot of time asking her husband for help. “I noticed his concentration was impenetrable when he was coding and to bring him out of it was to wish death upon yourself. Once I started doing web work myself I would go into silence zone mode or code mode often. Now I use the term to describe any time I?m in the zone with work and can ignore just about everything else.? She wanted to make something for her wall to let her studio mate know her code mode status, ?so he wouldn?t think I was ignoring him. I just get too deep in work to know when he?s talking to me!?



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