Czech Deer Still Scared of the Iron Curtain


Thu, Apr 24th, 2014 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to The Guardian, researchers discovered that in Czechoslovakia, in areas where electrified fences once stood as part of the iron curtain, a generation of local deer that would have never encountered the deadly artificial barriers, is still avoiding them.

"It was fascinating to realise for the first time that anything like that is possible," said Pavel Sustr, a biologist who led the project. Scientists conducting research on German territory reached similar conclusions.

The average life expectancy for deer is 15 years and none living now would have encountered the barrier. "But the border still plays a role for them and separates the two populations," Sustr said.

He said the research showed the animals stuck to traditional life patterns, returning every year to the same places. "Fawns follow mothers for the first year of their life and learn from them where to go."



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