Grow and Eat Your Own Bugs

The Hive


Thu, Oct 20th, 2016 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Hive, from LIVIN Farms, is a kitchen-counter farm that lets you grow your own mealworms. The worms, which can be fed vegetable scraps, provide the same amount of protein consumed through meat, without any of the environmental side-effects. They offer a recipe book as well.

With the LIVIN farms Hive you can grow healthy and sustainable food in the form of insects in your home! With our beautiful and functional desktop hive for edible insects you can grow up to 200 g of protein-rich super food mealworms.

This replaces about the same amount of protein that you would otherwise consume in the same amount of meat or other rich protein foods. Feed your mealworms sustainably on vegetable scraps from your kitchen and always know 100% what you eat.

Our design-driven approach and innovative technology empowers you to produce your own food with an efficient, pleasant and clean process.



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