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Lab-grown food is coming


Thu, May 3rd, 2018 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Guardian’s Damian Carrington looks at the startups diligently working in changing not what we eat but how what we eat is made. Noting that current methods for food production are creating “colossal environmental damage [...] from its vast carbon emissions to water pollution and disease,” these entrepreneurs want to continue making milk, eggs, and burgers without “trashing the planet by covering it with billions of cows.” Unsurprisingly, they have been met with resistance, but lab meat is getting cheaper.

Even if the technology does develop to produce delicious, affordable and sustainable food, the potential “yuk factor” of tech-created food hangs heavy over the embryonic sector. Food journalist Joanna Blythman recently criticised the Impossible Burger: “It’s the very antithesis of local food with a transparent provenance and backstory. It’s patently the brainchild of a technocratic mindset, one brought to us by food engineers and scientists whose natural environment is the laboratory and the factory – not the kitchen, farm or field.”



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