“Without any security company in the world recognizing that it even existed.”

The most sophisticated piece of software ever written


Sun, May 20th, 2018 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

On Quora, Gigantic Software's CEO John Byrd looks at the most sophisticasted piece of software ever written — it is a really fascinating read. For those in the know, the word Stuxnet will immediately come to mind, as well as its complicated family life. I blame the parents.

Once the worm runs itself on a PC, it tries to get administrator access on that PC. It doesn’t mind if there’s antivirus software installed — the worm can sneak around most antivirus software. Then, based on the version of Windows it’s running on, the worm will try one of two previously unknown methods of getting that administrator access on that PC. Until this worm was released, no one knew about these secret bugs in Windows either.

At this point, the worm is now able to cover its tracks by getting underneath the operating system, so that no antivirus software can detect that it exists. It binds itself secretly to that PC, so that even if you look on the disk for where the worm should be, you will see nothing. This worm hides so well, that the worm ran around the Internet for over a year without any security company in the world recognizing that it even existed.

The question is: what are the chances?



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