“Think Siri for cars but way smarter.”

Smart electric vehicle can earn money as a cab when you are not using it


Thu, Jul 26th, 2018 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Cars Overview brings to attention Honda's Hana, a very-compact AI-filled EV sporting a retro look that pays homage to classic Hondas of yesteryear. Even more interestingly, the vehicle can drop you off then go earn money as a taxi when you don't need it.

“Hana” will come with your car totally empty. It will begin learning as soon as it first sees you through its interior camera and sensors. “Hana” will learn about your routes, destinations, stops, habits, time and distance of every trip, etc. It will even use the data you have on your driving license to determine your experience level.

Using all that data, “Hana” will know which music to play based on your emotions, plan the route based on your calendar and the schedule, buy coffee and snacks on your usual pit-stops, and even completely take over the car and continue driving if you are too stressed.



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