When Mountain Goats Attack: How To Kick Their Asses Back


Wed, Oct 20th, 2010 13:00 by capnasty NEWS

Last Monday, a mountain goat gored and killed a hiker in Olympic National Park, so the Slate website decided to put together this pointless article that asks: What You Should Do if You're Attacked by a Mountain Goat?

Their recommendations? Run for your life. Failing that? Throw rocks at a goat. That fails also? Grab the goat by the horns -- only to be told they're razor sharp (bye bye fingers!) and the goat is so strong you're only going to be able to hold on for a brief moment anyway -- and pray that someone shows up with a gun. To save you. In the middle of a national park. Right.

My take: if you're going into for a romantic hike with your loved one, carry a nice bat. If you don't get to play baseball, you can give that goat a run for your money.



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