The Universe is More Huge than Originally Assumed


Thu, Feb 3rd, 2011 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to scientists, the universe isn't just unthinkably frikkin' big, but actually 250 times bigger than we can actually determine. As this article on technology review tries to explain:

The universe is only fourteen billion years old so we are unable to observe anything more than fourteen billion light years away. This makes it a bit difficult for us to measure how large the universe actually is. A number of methodologies have been devised to estimate the size of the universe including the universe's curvature, baryonic acoustic oscillations and the luminosity of distant type 1A supernovas. Now a team has combined all known methods into Bayesian model averaging to constrain the universe's size and their research is saying with confidence that the universe is at least 250 times larger than the observable universe.



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