How to Make McDonald's Fries at Home


Thu, Mar 1st, 2012 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

Fast food may be bad, but we can all agree on one thing: McDonald's fries are the best. Wanting to figure out how to recreate that crispy goodness at home, Kenji from the A Hamburger Today went on a quest to find out how exactly the fries are made at the popular fast food joint so that he could learn to reproduce them exactly. Turns out, just going into a McDonald's and asking for frozen fries (for testing purposes, that is) doesn't quite work.

So how does one going about achieving these goals? The traditional double fry method (once at low temp, then again at high temp) works, but it's far from foolproof, and fails to meet all of the requirements I've set for a perfect fry. For one thing, the fries inevitably come out too brown -- some times massively so. For another, they lose their crunch within a few minutes after coming out of the fryer. Clearly the method needs an overhaul. I suppose I could do what the McDonald's Corporation did and spend millions of dollars researching exactly how to accomplish fry perfection time after time anywhere around the world, but unfortunately Serious Eats doesn't pay me well enough to do that. I'm also understaffed, to say the least. So I decided to go with the next best alternative: steal their recipe.

That's much easier said than done.



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