Burritob0t: 3D Printer That Makes Edible Burritos


Fri, Jun 22nd, 2012 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Burritob0t is a prototype 3D printer created by New York University ITP graduate student Marko Manriquez that can print 3D burritos. While I'd love to have one of these machines in my house, Marko's project is a poignant reminder of the health and ethical issues behind fast food.

From the article on MakeZine:

Burritob0t is a platform for rapid prototyping and tracing the source of food in our lives to reveal hidden issues revolving around fast food: labor practices; environmental consequences; nutritional values. Mexican fast food is emblematic of the assembly line, mass produced era of modern consumables -- appropriating the authenticity of the ethnic food sensibility it purports to embody while masquerading as an edible like substance. Because the burrito is a mass market consumable, it lends easily as a way for examining and stimulating discussion on various aspects of the food industry including: how and where our food is grown, methods of production, environmental impact, cultural appropriation and perhaps most importantly -- what our food means to us. By parodying the humble burrito's ingredients and methods of production we can shed light on these exogenous factors and interconnected systems surrounding the simple burrito.



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