How the iPhone Has Ruined Everything


Thu, Jul 5th, 2012 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

Apparently, the end of June marked five years that the iPhone has been with us. Remarkable, looking back, how quickly the Internet embraced this new rising technology.

Yet, Kevin Roose of the New York Magazine thinks that the iPhone has, "quite possibly, ruined all of our lives."

Henry Blodget is crowing about the iPhone on its anniversary, calling it "the most radically successful and disruptive product in history." He means "disruptive" in the way Silicon Valley types use it to describe anything that is cool and innovative, but he could just as easily be describing the innumerable ways in which the iPhone has distorted, disabled, and otherwise blown a Grand Canyon-size hole in our social fabric.

I've owned an iPhone since 2008, and, as with most owners, it has become a fifth limb. I am one of those hollow souls whose insular cortex lights up like fireworks every time I get a new e-mail or text, whose anxiety levels spike every time my battery dips below 15 percent. Everywhere I've gone in the past four years, my iPhone has tugged me away from the real world. I've spent vacations with my eyes on Instagram, played Words With Friends during movies, and treated my Twitter feed with the deference usually reserved for royalty.

I am, in short, an iPhone addict. And so, very likely, are you.



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