Paparazzo Light: Retro-Looking Flash for the iPhone


Thu, Aug 2nd, 2012 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

Turn your iPhone into a vintage camera with the Paparazzo Light, a retro-looking yet fully functional flash that promises to give you just the right light at just the right time.

We designed the Paparazzo to be easy to use and give professional results. With the 300 Lumen LED, you can dial the light for your photo or video from zero to full bright. Don't worry about draining your iPhone battery because, although it is plugged into your iPhone, the Paparazzo supplies its own power with two powerful CR 123 batteries. Get everyone in the picture when you mount the Paparazzo onto any standard tripod. The Paparazzo has three modes dedicated to photo, video, or brightness adjustment which are easily selected with the push of a button. It will have an app that will let your iPhone and the Paparazzo communicate seamlessly.



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